Weekly Response Ten

The topic of conversation that interested me most this week was in relation to the class discussion about breaking the model minority myth. When I graduated high school in 2007 I had less than 40 classmates walk across the stage with me. The entire class, including myself, was Caucasian. As a preservice teacher, I know very little about other cultures than what I have learned from the media. I decided I wanted to become more informed about the term Asian – American, this is what I have learned!

In the media, Asian Americans are often stereotyped as nerds, scientists, office workers or martial artists speaking broken English—the “forever foreigner” with poor language and social skills.

Resources to Make the Invisible Visible


This website has a list of books for elementary, middle and high schools students that will help start conversations that encourage students to look at things from multiple perspectives.

This website has a link to a toolkit that will help challenge stereotypes about Asian Americans by providing professional development resources to help educators challenge their own assumptions such as a variety of Asian – American voices in their curricula.

Tool Kit

Teaching and Learning Resources

Smithsonian Education: Asian Pacific American Heritage Teaching Resources includes links to a variety of curriculum guides, online resources and lesson plans to help educators teach about the histories and cultures of Asian-American peoples.

A Century of Challenge and Change: The Filipino American Story is an interactive, multimedia curriculum for students that follows the lives and experiences of Marissa and Jordan, two young Filipino-Americans.

Asian Nation: Asian American History, Demographics, and Issues provides demographic and historical information about Asian-American communities as well as articles and blog posts about current issues that affect Asian-American communities, such as the portrayal of Asian Americans in the media, international adoption, assimilation and interracial dating. The site also links to primary sources.

Asian – Pacific History Month (For Teachers)


Put the power of primary sources to work in the classroom. Browse ready-to-use lesson plans, student activities, collection guides and research aids.

State of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Iowa, 2015





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