Weekly Response Three

The issue I found most interesting this week was in relation to how story time can be an opportunity to have important conversations, how it can be a great time to promote resilience. I like how it was stated in class that there is a difference between reading and teaching the power of reading; as teachers we can use literature to help students look beneath the surface of stereotypes. I like the idea of having a “Classroom Literature Circle” for young students; the equivalent to an adult book club. Incorporating a literature circle into the classroom would allow students to learn cooperatively, make choices about their learning, to participate in a social experience, and to bring their experiences and feelings into the classroom and to share them. I found a great website that gives you step – by – step instructions on how to create an interactive reading portfolio that can be used at the end of a literature circle unit. What I like most about the interactive reading portfolio is that they are unique to each reader; they focus on what each reader took away from the book! Check out the website at http://thinkingofteaching.blogspot.com/2013/10/interactive-reading-portfolio-freebie.html.


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